Special Instructions for Returning Team Captains

You can bring back your team from last year by following these simple steps:

1. The team captain must log in to Y Champions using their existing account and select the "Start a Team" option.

2. Select the option that says "Bring Back [Team Name]". Your team name and page from last year will be brought over to the current campaign year.

3. Complete your registration and enter the participant center. Your team is now part of the new campaign.

Finish setting up your team

IMPORTANT: You must complete this process in the participant center. This is not done by default.

Connect your team to a branch:


1. From the participant center, click on the "Team Page" tab.

2. From the "Team Page" tab, click "Edit" on the right hand column to select a "Company" (Branch) from the drop down menu. Click Update when you have made your selection.

Set a team fundraising goal amount:


1. Click on the "Progress" tab, then click "Team" from the right hand column.

2. The option to change your team goal can be found below the progress bar. Click "Change" and enter your 2017 goal amount.

You are now ready to recruit team members. You can do so by emailing your team page URL to your recruits instructing them to join your team.