Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create my Y Champions page?
A: First, decide if you want to be a team captain, team member, or solo campaigner. The getting started guide contains instructions for each of these options.

Q: I created a Y Champions page in 2017. Do I need to start over?
A: You can use the same login and password as you did in 2017. Your personal page, including the photo or video, has also carried over to the new year. It is recommended that you review your personal page and update any references to the 2017 campaign.

Q: What if I lost my registration email or forget my login?
A: Under the login box, click “Forgot Password.” You can retrieve your password by supplying your username and email address. If you forgot your username, you can retrieve it by providing the email address you used to register.

Q: What are the different campaigner types used for during registration?
A: This allows you to select whether you are fundraising for the annual campaign, a specific special event, or a specific teen mission trip. Refer to the getting started guide for more information.

Q: Can I register as two different campaigner types?
A: Not under the same email address. Since your registration is directly linked to your participant center and your campaigner page, you can have only one campaigner registration for the 2018 campaign.

Q: How do I manage my Y Champions page after I create it?
A: Log in to the Participant Center with the username and password you chose during registration by entering them in the top right corner of the page.

Q: What kind of picture and personal statement should I use for my personal page?
A: Use a picture of yourself or of a Y program that is important to you. Your personal statement can be your Y Story.

Q: How can I see if a donation has been made on my page?
A: Log in to the Participant Center and click on the Progress tab.

Q: I signed up for Y Champions. Why am I not receiving emails or notifications?
A: Make sure the emails are not arriving in your spam folder. Whitelist emails arriving via in your email software if you are having this problem. Also, confirm that the email address you used to register is free of errors.

Q: One of my donors made an offline gift by cash or check. Can I still get credit for it on my Y Champions page?
A: Yes. To apply this to your fundraising goal, log in to the Participant Center and click on the “Progress” tab. On the right hand column, click “Enter New Gift” and provide the donation details of the offline donation.

Q: How do donors designate their donation to my branch?
A: Your campaigner page is already associated with your branch. If you are a member of a team, your team captain has already selected the branch associated with the team and its members. Any donations made through your page are automatically designated to your branch. To confirm which branch you are associated with, log in to the Participant Center and check the Branch listed on the right hand column.

Q: I think I chose the wrong branch or I want to check which branch I’m registered under. How do I do this?
A: Log in to the Participant Center and check the right hand column. You will see the Branch name above a green Edit button. If you wish to change your branch, click Edit.

Q: I am a member of a team but I don’t want to send out my personal page link. Can donors give through the team link instead?
A: Yes. You can send out the link to your team’s page and donors can donate directly to the team instead of through an individual campaigner. Your team will get credit toward its goal. However, any donations made directly to the team will not count toward your individual (personal) fundraising goal.

Q: I’m still stuck. Can I get assistance with my Y Champions page?
A: For any other questions regarding Y Champions, please email us at with your preferred contact information.