2018 Y Champions

Spin CYcle

The Robert Fowler YMCA makes a significant difference in the lives of thousands individuals in our communities, every day. That’s why we are proud to be Y Champions for the YMCA.

So much more than a gym and a great place to swim, the Y develops vital programs and services for ALL people to reach their full potential. Today, 1 in 4 children, teens, and families needs financial assistance to be a part of the Y. As a charitable nonprofit, the Y relies on donations from people like you and me.

On February 4th the Spin cYcle will be riding to support the Y. Please support our team, the Spin cYcle by making a tax-deductable donation to the Robert Fowler YMCA. Spin cYcle team members include:

Claude Lama-Solet, Francoise Lama-Solet, Guillame Lama-Solet,

Dan Leonard,

Peder Sorensen

AJ Walsh

Nathan Jones

Gene Witkin

Jordan Hayes

Floyd Alcorn

Jenny Harty

Kshitij Devre

Val Markos

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