2018 Y Champions

Love One Another

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta makes a significant difference in the lives of 250,000 individuals in our communities, every day. That’s why we are proud to come together as a team to support the YMCA.
So much more than a gym and a great place to swim, the Y develops vital programs and services for ALL people in Metro Atlanta to reach their full potential. Today, 1 in 4 children, teens, and families need financial assistance to be a part of the Y. As a charitable nonprofit, the Y relies on donations from people like you and me.

Yes, I am a proud member and employee of the YMCA, however, in being that I am also so much more. I am a child care giver who spends my days caring, guiding, providing, and touching the lives of each student whom I come in contact with. Because of this I am a personal advocate for each of my students, I am their strength when they need it and we as a community are the foundation that holds them up. Many of the students within our district live in a low-income home and without a school provided lunch, these children will lack healthy eating alternatives for what can be their entire summer. The feeding program is just one of the many amazing things funded by the Y Matters foundation that has touched my heart and inspired me to participate in found raising. Team Love one Another thrives on the compassion, empathy and the love of not just the campaigners, but of our givers as well. Please join us as we pledge not just our giving’s, but our time and love for our community.

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