2020 Y Champions

FCY Super Teens

Welcome to the Forsyth County Teen Leader's page.

Who We Are:

We are a group of motivated leaders from Forsyth County that are ready to make a difference in our community through servant leadership!

What We Do:

We are involved in many volunteer projects around the community, and teens learn many key leadership skills that can propel them in life. 

How can I help support the Teen Leaders?

Awesome question! You can support our mission of helping families and children during this time of need by contributing ANY amount by clicking the "donate" button. We appreciate all the support shown from our caring community!

Right now we are going through troubling times, as many families are uncertain what lies ahead in the future. This pandemic has displaced many families that were living in poverty, or not able to sustain themselves while being out of work. We are providing resources such as meal outreach programs to help ease concerns related to these issues. 

Donations from our community are what help us to support these families. We need your help in these times of need, and we know collectively as a community we can help bring temendous support for those in need.


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