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The shadow play roof tops of the YMCA treehouse and sand boxes at Vine City YMCA HQ Early Learning Center.
The shadow play roof tops of the YMCA treehouse and sand boxes at Vine City YMCA HQ Early Learning Center.

Crisis Relief Workers' Daycare

Please help raise $2,250.00 to provide safe daycare for the children of those fighting for the very life of our country.

For the last two years I have had the great fortune to see close up the care, professionalism, and integrity that go into taking care of the children entrusted to the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. As I have partnered with them to design and build playgrounds they have encouraged me to do the best work I could possibly do so their children will have the best play environments possible. They care.

That care has never been more evident than now as the YMCA of Metro Atlanta offers FREE CHILDCARE to the children of anyone working on the frontlines offering essential services in the pandemic battle. As we expect so much of our healthcare workers, EMTs, grocery store workers, etc. it is an enormous relief for them to know that their children are well cared for while they work on OUR behalf. It is how we can do our part.

The Y can serve 2,000 children a day IF they get the funding. They have already begun this free service hoping that the funds will follow. They feel they have no choice. Here are some important points:

- children served: 2,000 a day

- $225/week per child

- ages served: 12 weeks to 12 years

- service will continue for the duration of the crisis

- meals served to children

- taking every precaution to ensure the health of the children including cutting the normal ration of staff to children in half to 1 staff member for every 8 or 9 children; frequent decontamination during the day; screening children and drop off caregiver for temperature, etc.

This is an unbudgeted expense for the YMCA. Please help make this critical service possible to help keep our City's front line essential services operational.

Funding Goal for the Crisis Relief Workers' Daycare TEAM: $2,250.00 ... or MORE!

100% of every dollar donated has a lasting impact on the people of metro Atlanta by ensuring the Y’s doors are open to all – regardless of financial ability.

Please join me and support the Y by making a donation today. Your gift will truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need the Y most.

Thank you so much! Cynthia Gentry

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