2019 Y Champions

Tour de Friends

Ok everyone! It's time to get rockin' for our 2019 Robert Fowler YMCA Annual YMCA Rockn’Rollathon. 

It's February 23rd from 8am to 1pm- it's such a great event - so much fun and benefits our community directly!

Join us in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Ride with us and see how much of our $3000 team goal ($100/hr) you can help raise. Can you find friends or family to sponsor you? Can you help us raise even more? We want you to ride even you can't raise that amount - but it's easier than you think if you simply ask.  Remember, the money stays in our community to help our neighbors in need. You never know which of your neighbors the Y is helping.

2) Can’t make race day? We'll miss you cheering our team on, but you can donate to the Cause. Check out the link to learn more about the Y IT MATTERS campaign.

If you're new to riding indoors, try out one of our great spin classes!

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta makes a significant difference in the lives of 250,000 individuals in our communities, every day. Be part of helping make our community stronger!

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